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We offer financing for a variety of products, scenarios, and needs. Please contact us to discuss your unique situation. Below, is only a few of the many sources of capital we have.


Your business has assets, but sometimes the assets aren’t liquid enough to meet your short-term needs. Accounts receivable and asset-based financing transforms the income streams you’ve already generated into a way to quickly generate liquidity to meet immediate needs for expansion, investment, payroll, or simply daily operating expenses.


When conventional loans aren’t an option, but capital is a necessity, these forms of financing are a perfect fit. Get in touch with one of our brokers today and let us help to match you with a lending product that will help you meet your financial needs.


As a tenant or as an investor, commercial real estate is a solid step on the path to growth.

ABC Fundings offer a variety of lending products designed to facilitate commercial real estate transactions, either as owner-occupied properties or for commercial investment. We offer recourse and non-recourse funding, and our lending officers help facilitate the process, making it both easy and affordable to take advantage of low rates and a competitive market. Contact one of our loan officers today and see what’s available for your real estate needs.

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Equipment Purchase Loans

Owning your equipment outright is the first step towards driving profits to the bottom line. In order to get you there, ABC Fundings will help you secure the financing you need with competitive interest rates and repayment terms that are customized to benefit you.

Equipment Leases

If you’re interested in leasing your equipment, you’ll be able to enjoy a few different options at the end of your leasing term. ABC Fundings can help you secure the lease you need to get you back to work while keeping you financially flexible and ready to take advantage of new options.


Merchant Cash Advances

For any industry employing credit card sales, ABC Fundings is able to extend a loan against your future credit card sales. Our merchant cash services are an ideal way to stay liquid while taking advantage of the strength of your operation.


Unsecured Lines of Credit

For businesses of all sizes, an unsecured line of credit offers revolving capital without committing any of your assets. If your credit is strong and your business is taking in revenue, an unsecured line of credit can help you manage expenses or capital expenditures to keep your business moving.

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